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Camp Like a Girl: Lesson #1

April 27, 2010

Preparing for a weekend in the woods? Over the fact that you’re going to destroy your manicure and now you’re just wondering how to avoid returning to the city with a case of ohmygawdiwasinthewoods blemishes? Have no fear, I got your back. The answer is small, lightweight, and requires no water.

Introducing, RareMinerals powdered Skin Revival Treatment: The Camping Girl's Savior

I admit, I’ve been using this stuff nightly for over 10 months (in fact, I use the entire line), and I just now realized how convenient it is for those impromptu camping excursions. Not to mention, I got a travel size version that makes taking this lil baby on the road even more convenient. You simply pat the powder onto your face before bed, and wake up exfoliated, cleansed and blemish-free.

So before your next outing, grab your RM PM Treatment, it may not prevent ticks (see, You Make Me Tick) but it sure does prevent zits.

Photo from this place.
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