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You Make Me Tick

April 27, 2010

What can take that romantic camping weekend and turn it into a fiasco? How ’bout inviting along 50 blood-sucking little parasites such as Wood Ticks? Last weekend, we ventured north to Jay Cooke State Park, for a double-date style weekend in the wilderness. We were expecting hilly terrain, hiking at least a few miles to our remote campsite, chances of precipitation, encounters with wildlife (the kind with large teeth/claws), the possibility of returning home with a wood-tick nestled behind our ear, and roughing it for the weekend. What we were not (entirely) prepared for was entering Jay Cooke State Park at the apparent “height” of their wood tick season, and picking nearly 50 of them off us over the next 48-hours.Uninvited Guest

I consider myself a pretty lucky person, especially in the Tick Lotto. Out of the 4 of us I was blessed with 19 of them. But don’t think we let this ruin our weekend, by Saturday night we had a perfect campfire going and were quite entertained with the Salem Tick Trials.

In case you are headed in that direction, be warned that Wood Tick season peaks April-June, the best way to prevent ticks is with repellents containing DEET, and here is how to Properly Remove a Tick.

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