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Weekend Recap(/covery)…

May 3, 2010

What is worse than having the flu? Having the flu while your boyfriend is partying it up in Cleveland for the Twins Series? Mmm yes. Luckily Josh was careful to “edit” his text messages this weekend so as not to evoke “too much envy” while I was sick in bed. But the jealousy was there anyways. He had an awesome weekend, I know, I’ve already seen pictures (which he couldn’t help but scroll though this morning in bed, grr), but regarless it seems that TwinsTrain offers quite the adventures for Twins Fans of all types and ages. If you’re looking to spend a weekend watching the Twins on the road (or get your boyfriend/husband out of the house for the weekend), I strongly encourage you to check out the packages that are offered through TwinsTrain. Luckily Josh had such a great time I think the next trip might be a trip for two. 

The only possible upside I have found to the plague I suffered is that it gave me plenty of time to lay in bed and watch movies, thumb through my roommates magazines and aimlessly look online. Another website I’d love to share is The Love of Letters, by Tonya Bestor. If you’ve seen or heard about these “letters within pictures”, then you’re already a fan of her work. 

What you might not have known is that she has a fabulous and very functional website on which you can create your own pieces and change the images as you please. I spent more than a little time making and remaking words for our future apartment. I have got to get my hands on a Josh&Dani sign before the big move. Which, by the way, is only 12 days away! 

I highly recommend visiting Tonya’s site to check out her work. She offers several options of each letter, and different colors as well (black and white, sepia, etc) all the pieces are individually framed and come mounted and ready to hang. They are roughly $10 a photo (framed and mounted) and shipping is a flat fee of $9.95. So, the shipping doesn’t change based on how many you order, so order away, or combine your order with a friend’s! You can also become a fan on Facebook, and follow new projects that Tonya is working on (and while you’re at it you can also become a fan of TwinsTrain). Enjoy!

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