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Just the two of us…

May 25, 2010

I finally took some photos of the apartment! Ignore any boxes or clutter, as we are still unpacking…..

This is the kitchen. In case the refrigerator and stove didn’t give it away. I’m a big fan of having an island. 

The most comfortable couch ever. That corner gets a lot of snuggling action. 

Ignore the sporadic pattern of pictures on the wall, I’m still hanging them.  The 4-piece painting on the far left is one Josh and I did together a few months ago. 

Dining room. Anyone want to come over for dinner? Please please please please please!?!?! The large painting in the background is “Luck” done by my sister for the first apartment I had on my own. It’s now been in three, and has brought me fabulous luck. 

Wait! Don’t leave the dining room yet, you have to check out the chair cushions that my mom made for us…

…And then turn around and you can check out her handy work in the kitchen as well. I scored these stools for $2.50 each at a yard sale and my mom recovered the seats! 

Hello mega desk! Still a little clutter going on but its slowly getting organized. We are also building a little contraption to hide all the cords etc. So much productivity takes place here. 


I think this is Josh’s favorite part of the office, the first thing he did was organize menus and coupons on the bulletin board. And P.S. All of those huge black tacks are from the Dolla Dolla Bill Store. They were ugly shades of pink, purple and blue, but I painted them black. 24 tacks for $3? Yes please. 

One more photo of that stupid thing those Swedish people made. But its just so neat. And handy. 


The 2nd bathroom, which is still empty and we need to buy a new bathroom set. 


The master bedroom is huge. We almost don’t know what to do with all the space. The other walls are currently boring, just book shelves and lots of books. We need a big comfy chair for reading. 

My favorite wall in the bedroom. I think it needs some rugby shoes, no? :) 

This makes me want to go take a cat nap…so comfy.

This picture doesn’t do these closets justice. Honestly. Do you think I was able to fit all of my clothes on “my side?”

….the answer is no. I had to steal half of his for cute summer dresses :) And I won’t even discuss the coat closet becoming the repository for all of my shoes.

The master bathroom/my bathroom.

Thank you Josh Bruflodt, for loving me enough to install extra shelving to hold my lipgloss and perfume….and then still loving me afterwards. 


….And one for brushes and skincare. You’re the best. 

And last, definitely not least, but definitely least interesting….IN UNIT LAUNDRY! 

When are you coming to visit? 

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