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Silly for Stilly…

June 9, 2010

Lucky for me, I have a best friend who was smart enough to get married and then move to Stillwater, Mn. I’m thankful that she relocated to such a delightful part of Minnesota, and we have had our fair share of memorable (as long as we, hahem, remember them) nights along the St. Croix River. She resides on Marsh Street, which is on top of the hill in Stillwater, and so we’ve developed our own method of entertainment, which we call “Walking Tour of Stilly”. 

We always start our night off at her house (which always has ample supplies of wine), and like I said, she lives on top of the hill, so at least the rest of the journey is all downhill (except for those nights that the cocktails convince us to work our calves and walk uphill to get home). To get a proper perspective on the Stillwater nightlife, you need to venture to Meisters. This quaint little bar has cheap drinks, along with carpet on the walls and dolls in the window. With a combination like that you can’t go wrong, am I right?

After Meisters you have to venture to lower altitudes to continue your night, here there are two options.  Option 1. You can descend upon the Stillwater Staircase (okay, I don’t actually know what it’s called, but its a staircase that is built into the bluffs and takes you from the top of the hill to the bottom, fabulous concept). However, this can be a dangerous journey for travelers who might be slightly inebriated (or wearing stilettos), and for them I recommend Option 2. Just walk down the road.

Once you (safely) reach the bottom, you’re first stop has to be Ruby Begonias. This place is phenomenal. I’ve never been there and not had an amazing time. Let’s just pause and discuss the drinks. At this place they distill vodka in pineapples! The result? Pineapple flavored vodka which, when served over ice, will ensure that you are dancing to the live music within ten minutes.

Once you’ve consumed your pineapple treat(s) the rest of the night is up to you. There are several bars to choose from as you wander down the main drag (Whitey’s and Mad Cappers are a few more favorites), but  be sure to prepare your willpower to endure the hotdog vendor aroma that fills the street at bar close.  Finally, its time for the big decision, will you work your calves? Or call a cab? If you succumb to the hot dogs, I recommend walking. It’s summer, the weather is beautiful,  add a Walking Tour of Stilly to your “Summer to-do List”. Better yet, join us this Saturday, we’ll be back at it. 

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