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All in a Weekend’s Work…

June 21, 2010

This weekend we kept busy. On Friday I had two of my good friends over for dinner and cosmos, followed by an outing to Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka. While I was doing that, Josh and two of his friends rode their bikes around the city, visiting bars and the Back to the 50’s car show at the state fair grounds. 

Regardless of our late nights and little sleep, we got up bright and early for my niece, Evie’s, first birthday party. Which was complete with 100 invited guests and 150 cupcakes, following that we scooted back to St. Louis Park for a housewarming party that ended with a bonfire complete with S’Mores.

But these weren’t just any S’mores, people, these were S’mores made with Reese’s peanut butter cups. The couple hosting the House Warming Party had a fellow grocery-shopper kindly inform them of this secret, and all of us 24+ year-olds were a bit embarrassed not to have thought of it before. You haven’t lived, until you’ve had a S’more with Reese’s, seriously.

Amidst waking up after another late night, we decided , as we normally do on Sunday, that we should go shopping (that’s right guys, I found my soulmate).  At least this time it was for a purpose, to better organize our office. Let me show you what we were dealing with here:

MMmmmm, yeah, not pretty at all. Not to mention this is just my stuff (except, obviously, for the hockey stickey thingy). Josh has a pile off to the left of stuff he’s been “unable to organize” because of lack of space. No fear, IKEA to the rescue. 

*Sigh*, so much better. Josh was unsure about the white. But, I’m lovin it, yes? Yes. Fabulous. I also found a great way to organize all those magazines and catalogs that we all get piled on our work space.

And don’t worry, the fun doesn’t stop there. After plenty of snarky comments about the overly-feminine master bathroom (;-) I went over-the-top on Josh’s bathroom, you can smell the manliness from 20 paces, and here’s the proof. 

I mean, he has a tree in there, a tree. I believe I won myself a Girlfriend-of-the-Year award for this one people, and not only because of the manly green colors and tree…



…but also because Josh mentioned that he wanted to learn how to identify bird’s of prey, and man did I deliver. I took the liberty of decorating the chalkboard in his bathroom (which he made. Manly, right?)  in order to further his education. :-) And lastly, my bathroom might be covered in Bare Escentuals, but Josh is plenty good at hoarding Aveda products. 

That is all.

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