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Weary Travelers…

June 23, 2010

Well it’s no secret that my Mom is a Postmaster. It is, however, a secret that my family is super weird about postcards. We send them from everywhere, every time. If you happen to be at an interesting destination (note that it doesn’t even have to be a vacation) and we find out you didn’t send a postcard, you might be shunned (or at least banned from the shrinky-dinks at next year’s Easter Gathering<—another weird secret, shhh).  As a kid I was once forced to send post cards from Waukon, Iowa, a mere 20-minutes from my hometown. 

So, now that we share a mailbox, it should come as no surprise that my family “secret” was recently unveiled to Josh when my Mom, Grandma, and younger sister, Anna, set out on a road trip across the great Wild West. {Although, he got a subtle hint when I made him send out postcards last winter during our trip to the Apostle Islands, I don’t think he understood the magnitude of our postcard obsession.} If he had any doubts about it, I think they were cleared up over the past two weeks as postcards poured into our mailbox. 

My trio of female relatives hit up destinations such as South Dakota (Wall Drug, definitely), The Rocky Mountains (during which my grandma supposedly had to charge her camera battery repeatedly and took hundreds of photos of the mountains, which I can’t wait to see), and Las Vegas. While in Vegas they got to enjoy a rooftop pool (which they didn’t hesitate to text me pictures of, snots), the stratosphere, and of course, Margaritaville (if you know my mom, you know she wasn’t missing that), they also got to pick up my Step-Dad Bob (in Vegas for work), who joined them for the rest of the journey. From Vegas they went to Flagstaff, Arizona, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Idaho Falls and the Snake River, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and finally, home. 

Typing out their itinerary makes me realize just how busy they were these past two weeks—-busy enough, perhaps, to have sent us three postcards from the same place?…Yep. 


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