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Office Affair…

July 19, 2010

If you’ve been keeping up with my Facebook status updates then you already know the terrible, awful truth. The truth is that I’ve been having a workplace love affair with Microsoft Excel.

How did it take me 24 years to realize that Microsoft Excel is the greatest thing ever created? I could spend every second of every day resizing rows and columns—and did I mention that my boss told me I make the most beautiful spreadsheets ever. Well, I don’t think anyone is surprised there, clearly I’m going to make sure they are color coordinated.

I’m also having a bit of an affair with personal financing. If you ask my Dad he’ll be happy to tell you that getting me to understand a bank account is similar to teaching fish to talk—-the poor guy has been trying to beat words like “budgeting” and “saving” into my head since I could say the word “penny”. But, during our afternoon escapades Mr. Excel has also taught me how easy budgeting can be–actually how fun budgeting can be. I now have all my monthly finances laid out in an excel spreadsheet and I love it.

I realize that not everyone has the ability to juggle a full-time job and an affair with quite the finesse that I do, but if you think you can manage I highly recommend checking to see what Excel can do for you.

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