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Lash Love…

July 20, 2010

The original mascara with the fabulous rubber bristled wand.

The new formula to be released on August 6th.

The world’s most amazing mascara is about to be released in a new volumizing formula, and who doesn’t love that?

I swung by MOA’s BE Boutique last Sunday and was lucky enough to score a sample from my pal Elena.  Sure, the formula might be tweaked a bit to contribute to more voluminous lashes, but they’ve kept all the same goodies and benefits as its predecessor: tar free, shellac free, and shea butter to promote healthy lashes. But, the major difference any good BE Addict is going to notice is the brush.

With this formula they have abandoned the rubber bristled brush. But why? I am silly obsessed with the original brush—those rubber bristles do oh-so-much for making your eyes look amazing. But, from my days as a BE Boutique Girl, I know that the majority of the BE fan base has a love-hate relationship with those tiny rubber bristles. A lot of people have trouble with change, and apparently mascara wands fall under the “don’t change” category. I think this mascara is going to especially appeal to longtime fans of  another famed BE Product, Buxom Mascara, because, lets be honest, its kind of like Buxom and Flawless Def had a baby! So, perhaps they are trying to appeal to all sides here—-regardless, new mascara always puts a smile on my face.

Images borrowed from here.


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