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Larry, Mo, and Very Curly…

July 28, 2010

If you want to know one fabulous secret to curly hair that lasts all day, try Curlformers. I have no idea why someone hadn’t thought of these already—or perhaps why I hadn’t heard of them yet—- but these are hands-down one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread. I got them from my Dad for Christmas (Thanks Pops), and I’ve only gotten to use them a few times since—-but now I’m ready to announce it—- these things are fabulous.

For $60 you can get a huge set of the little fells that come in several different sizes for all lengths of hair. Putting them in couldn’t be easier and the curls last a few days —– not all day——a few days. Seriously. A few quick side notes—it works best on wet hair and you’ll get phenomenal results if you sleep with them in….if you are still confused about what the heck these are you should watch this video. Rumor has it that they are a favorite of Taylor Swift, and while her music may not make me swoon, her hair sure as heck does.

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