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The Story…

August 12, 2010

Yesterday was a day like any other. Except for the fact that at the end of the day I crawled into bed next to my fiancé…

So here is the proposal story, and just to clear things up, for anyone who may have seen this last night:

It was fake.

The real story goes something like this…

We went and looked at rings once, back in April. It was a pretty casual affair—there just happened to be this big ring event going on, and we just happened to not be busy, so we thought “Why not?” We spent a few hours that evening at Arthur’s Jewelers—-although I tried on hundreds of rings and had several styles set aside as ones I liked, nothing compared to one of the last rings that was put on my finger. A marquis shaped diamond with a vintage style band—-it was exactly what I could have told you was in my head, but so far I hadn’t seen a ring that looked anything close to it! The second it went on my finger Josh and I both looked at each other and knew it was the perfect ring. But, determined not to be one of those girls that picks out her own engagement ring, we left with three rings on my “like” list and he had special instructions to pick the one he favored.

Here’s where I admit (for the first time) that about a month later I found an Arthur’s Jewelry card at Josh’s apartment. That made the next 3 months a very special type of torture for me.

Obviously I suspected that he had a ring, so you better believe that my nails have been perfectly painted all summer, and that I held my breath through every dinner date and special occasion we’ve had. With our anniversary being today I had been thinking that perhaps something would happen tonight—-but on Monday when Josh asked me if I wanted to celebrate our anniversary by going to the comedy club, I realized that it most definitely was not happening on Thursday (he knows there’s no way I could sit through stand-up comedy after a proposal).

I had planned on getting a manicure last night but since I suspected there wouldn’t be a ring put on it this week I skipped out on my manicure appointment and headed to the art supply store. Josh wasn’t going to be home until 7, so I picked up a huge canvas and headed home to sit on the deck and paint. When he walked in the door there I was—the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with (?). Paint in my hair, tan paint ruining my pink nailpolish, hair up in a messy bun, and ten million things to say. Dinner was almost ready, so while we were waiting I was blabbing (as I usually do) about some amazing travel deals I had seen online earlier in the day. If you’ve talked to me, then you know I can just go on, and on, and on, and on—but somehow Josh seamlessly interjected and commented on how excited he is to travel and see the world with me.

Well, that was cute, I thought, and I kept blabbing, “There was a killer deal to Ireland, we could elope there on the cheappppp.” To which Josh said “Won’t it be fun to start planning once you’re officially engaged?” To which I obviously admitted that yes, it will be fun, because let’s be honest, planning a wedding when you aren’t engaged quickly puts you in the “psycho girlfriend” category.

Following this Josh said some of the sweetest, most heartfelt things that have ever been said to me, during which I thought “Aww, this is exactly what I would want him to say when he proposes.” (Because, I had paint in my hair, so obviously he wasn’t proposing then, right?) After a few more adorable comments I was thinking “Yes, this is the exact speech I would want to hear when being proposed to. Verbatim.” And just as I was about to suggest that he grab a pen and paper, he pulled me off the couch and got down on one knee…

After lots of tears and lots of laughs, I finally had the rock on my finger and my fiancé in my arms—albeit with paint in my hair—but it was perfect. And as for the painting I was working on last night—well, let’s just say that it will now have a very special meaning and place in our home.

Of course we had to call our families immediately, send out mass text messages to our closest friends, and then finally, change our Facebook relationship.

….And 350+ Facebook notifications later it is completely official. We’re engaged!  A huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to congratulate us!

Here are a couple of our personal favorites so far….

So yes, let the non-creepy planning commence! After hearing a big “Plan the wedding you want!” from my Dad, the detailed planning of OneHeckuvaFunParty is officially under way! And in case you haven’t heard, my Big Sis was recently engaged as well….so watch out world, because we are both about to get all Martha Stewart: Wedding Special up in here.

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  1. August 12, 2010 15:36

    What a beautiful story Danielle. Soooo happy for you two!!! I guess you got your big jewelry, now where’s the big hat?! =)

  2. Melissa Blaess permalink
    August 12, 2010 17:22

    I cannot wait to see your upcoming wedding planning blog posts. You are so super creative I am sure your wedding will be Aaahhh-mazing!! Best of luck planning!!


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