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Every Vote Counts…

October 1, 2010

Hey guys, look, I came up with 5 really awesome reasons why you should vote for me as MSP-Mag’s next Bridal Blogger…voting ends this Sunday and the winner is announced on Monday! A huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote in the past two weeks! Being one of the top four finalists has been a real hoot…

You should vote for me because…

1…I am ordering over 400 peacock feathers, and I’m pretty sure you want to know where, exactly, all of those feathers end up.

2…What is wedding drama without sisterly wedding drama? Who wants to miss reading about that in print? Watch as my sister and I plan  June 4th and October 1st weddings.

3…The lovely, unpredictable, always changing weather of the North Shore is sure to cost me at least one night’s sleep. Vote for me so you can read along as I nervously check the weather report on a daily basis.

4…Our wedding countdown just dropped below 250 days, I don’t think 8 months is an extremely short engagement, but I do think it will be entertaining to witness me planning this event in 8 months.

5…Because no wedding is absolutely perfect. And while I hope you’d enjoy following along as I planned the perfect wedding, let’s be honest—-there’s not a whole lot of fun in that. I promise at least one extremely dramatic scene before I actually say “I Do”, something close to but not necessarily this awesome little internet hit from a few years ago, and I know you want a front row seat to all the juicy details.

So come on, go ahead, register with and vote, vote away, do it with all your email addresses. Home, work, personal, and that one you used to stalk that girl you hated in college. Come on, do it.

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