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Apartment Polish….

October 5, 2010

Science has yet to discover the reasoning behind females painting their fingernails at the least opportune times. Sunday wasn’t the first time we were putting on our coats when I said “Let me just paint my nails quick!” *Huge Smile*.

Josh “No one is going to care if your nails are painted.”

Me “I care. And this fabulously huge rock on my finger cares too. ” *Insert Second Huge Smile*

And so I began the process of speed painting my fingernails….bright red. I was finished with my first hand and just starting my seventh digit when disaster struck.

In my rush for perfectly lacquered nails, I ended up with nail polish on my lap…and counter top….and carpet…and face. Yes, it was on my face.

Luckily, my fiance takes a liking to me with paint on my face (he proposed with paint on my face, after all), so he quietly sighed and watched, obviously entertained, as I panicked…not about the nail polish on our granite counter top, or the nail polish that was currently drying onto our white carpet, but the red nail polish that was currently seeping into my favorite $150 jeans. Because, you don’t spill nail polish on yourself when you’re wearing sweat pants, you spill nail polish when you’re wearing your favorite expensive jeans. Of course.

100% acetone took care of it all. Regular nail polish remover did nothing and just turned every speck of red into bigger pink stains. But the 100% acetone version made each stain invisible. It isn’t always the answer, however—as it can act like a bleach on some fabrics (so make sure you test it out).

So now I have promised myself to abstain from my “last minute manicure” routine, so as not to destroy our entire apartment with my spills, and Josh now refers to all my nail polish as apartment polish, and rightfully so.


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