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Tricks of the Trade…

October 18, 2010

As someone who spent a year working as a Beauty Ambassador for Bare Escentuals, I can tell you one thing that those fabulous guys and gals in black rarely go a day without hearing, “I need ideas for how to do my makeup for my wedding/ a wedding I’m in/ my engagement photos.” Luckily for all of you out there, these people are fabulous at whipping up an amazing look for your specific occasion, and can help you make the look as bold or subtle as you’d like. However, to get the ideas going, here are the products, colors and tools I trusted for my engagement photos, and I’ll just go ahead and warn any and all male readers to go ahead and hit your browser’s “back” button.

Engagement shoot #1:

Prep and Mineral Powder Foundation:

On a daily basis, I don’t use facial primer, but for big events I turn to BE’s Prime Time Face Primer. You want to apply a small amount of this to your entire face—it helps smooth out dry skin and also keeps mineral powders evenly distributed across your beautiful skin for hours. Following the primer I grabbed my Handy Buki, covered my face well with Fairly Light mineral powder and then did one light layer of Medium Beige over the top.

All-over Face Color and Veil:

In the summer I’m an avid user of BE’s Faux Tan bronzer, but when the leaves start to fall I immediately turn to their original shade, Warmth. This stuff is magical, and anyone who says they don’t like it doesn’t know how to use it. You should use a very small amount, and it should be swirled into the bristles of your brush until it disappears. I highly prefer the Angled Face Brush, and Warmth is applied in an “E” and “3” shape from your forehead, under your cheekbones, and along your jawline. Finally, to finish off your basic complexion grab your Heavenly Face Brush and apply Mineral Veil to your entire face. If you are preparing for an event in which flash photography is going to be involved, apply a liberal amount of powder. Powder is the photographer’s best friend.

Blush and Radiance:

Next comes blush. For this shoot I went with BE’s Laughter and applied it using their Blush Brush across my cheek bones. But your blush job isn’t complete without the pop of a Radiance on the apples of your cheeks! One of my favorite go-to Radiances is Clear Radiance, but my all-time favorite is Secret Radiance, which was available in last year’s Surprise Kit and is no longer available (email Leslie, and request to have it sold individually!).


Don’t even consider putting something on your eyes without a sheer layer of BE’s Prime Time Eyelid Primer. This stuff will change your life. I apply it from lash-line to brow and it keeps your shadow in place for, literally, days. For photography you want to keep eye shadow rather simple and avoid the high-shine and sparkly formulas that BE offers. I used the following colors: Blush, Spellbound (Surprise Kit), Rapture and Nob Hill. I started by applying Blush from my crease to my brow-bone using the Blending Brush. Blush is a beautiful peachy shade with a subtle pearl finish. Next, I pressed Spellbound onto my entire lid using the Wet/Dry Shadow Brush. Spellbound is a great shade for waking you up and making you look refreshed (if you don’t have Spellbound, Cultured Pearl is a great alternative)! And hey, for a great idea on how to store your BE Eyeshadows, see this previous blog.

To add some depth to the eyes I lightly swept Rapture into the crease using the Crease Defining Brush. In my opinion Rapture is the best crease color on the planet, and no one should be living without it. Next I lined only my top lid with BE’s Soft Black Liner Shadow using the Soft Focus Liner Brush, if you’re being photographed it’s important to do your liner neatly and precisely, so make sure you practice, especially if you’re not adept to using a loose powder liner.

Once the liner was on I smoked out the outer half of the eyelid using Nob Hill and the Clean Sweep Brush, which was the white bristled brush in the Brush with Greatness Kit (ahhhh-mazing brush). Finally, I went to town on my lashes using nothing other than Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Mascara in black, which is absolutely the best mascara.  As a finishing touch I used the Essential Brows Kit (in brunette), which is exactly what the name says—essential (especially when being photographed).


As a basic lip color I wore Bavarian Cream with Hope Buxom (Buxom Babes Winter Escapade) over the top, but towards the end of the shoot I amped things up with a magenta pop of color from Cherries on Top layered with Misty Buxom.  When I threw on this brighter lip color, I also dressed up my cheeks with a sheer pop of pink with Fruit Cocktail blush.

And of course, don’t ever leave your house for photos without your Buffing Brush, which is a refillable brush that you can load with your Mineral Veil to keep you shine-free through the entire shoot or special event!

Engagement Shoot #2:

For Shoot #2 I kept all the basics for Prep, Foundation and All-Over Face Color the same, but changed things up for eyes, cheeks and lips.


For a more Fallish look I used Blush Pearl across my cheeks for a subtle wash of color.


On eyes I used Vanilla Sugar from crease to brow using the  Soft Focus Shadow Brush. I then used a light gray shade, Dove, and pressed it into place on the lid using the Heavenly Shadow Brush. I once again lined the top with Soft Black Liner Shadow, but this time used the Line Diffuser Brush (Surprise Kit) along with the smokey black shadow from the Surprise Kit, Suspense, and lined the lower lashes. I also came back in with Suspense and used it to smoke out the outer half of the lid with the Clean Sweep Brush (Brush with Greatness Kit).


I once again trusted Bavarian Creme and Misty Buxom, it’s one of my favorite combinations.

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  1. Laura permalink
    October 18, 2010 20:13

    Congrats on your engagement! You look beautiful in both pictures, thanks for all the info & tips and for directing me to your blogspot :)

  2. Jenn permalink
    April 14, 2011 10:02

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog and LOVE the makeup in your engagement photos. I recently started using BE as well but am still trying to master it. I’m getting married at the end of June and am wondering if you ever do makeup for events? I’ve had consultations with a few makeup artists but haven’t quite found the right one for my “big day”.

    • April 14, 2011 10:07

      Hi Jenn—

      I have done a few weddings but less of them since I finished working with Bare Escentuals about a year ago. I’m happy to discuss the possibility with you, or even just offer some suggestions or ideas. You can contact me at! Look forward to hearing from you…


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