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Lettuce share tips…

October 20, 2010

A friend of mine recently sent me a link about storing lettuce rolled up in bath towels. After nearly gagging to death at the thought of keeping towels full of lettuce leaves on the bottom shelf of our fridge, I continued to read through the post and discovered a second suggestion which might, actually, be a genius concept.

The article claimed that the best way to store lettuce is either in tupperware or large ziplock bags with a fresh paper towel or napkin to absorb moisture, and it totally works. The lettuce doesn’t go bad as quickly because the napkin pulls moisture away and keeps it from aiding the leaves in decomposition. When I tried this our lettuce was fresh and crisp for well over two weeks. You can tell it’s working by checking the napkin—-after just a few days in the bag you should notice that the napkin feels damp (if it feels extremely damp you should take it out and replace with a new napkin).

A few extra tips: If you’re storing it in a container you can also line the bottom of the container with paper towels for extra moisture absorption. Also, I’ve found that when storing romaine lettuce (or individual leaves) it works best to wash the lettuce, separate the leaves, let it air dry, and then roll it into a paper towel (see below). Wallaaaa—fresh lettuce for all!

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