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Another weekend on the road…

October 22, 2010

For us Fall has been somewhat of a blur. At the end of  September we celebrated Josh’s 25th Birthday and it seems like we’ll wake up in December. Following his Birthday festivities we had one weekend off before we headed down to Iowa for our college homecoming. The week after that we went back to my hometown for a family member’s benefit. This weekend we are off to Storm Lake, Iowa for a wedding, and of course next weekend we’ll be too busy celebrating Halloween to even notice we’re actually at home.

The following weekend we get to road trip to Des Moines, Iowa with our pals the Petrich’s (and their peanut!) to celebrate the marriage of our college friend, Molly, which I am starting to get just a bit ecstatic for. Finally, on the 2nd weekend of November the future mister and I will part ways, as he heads north for a weekend with the boys and I head south for a reunion with some of the craziest gals I know. And there we’ll be at November 20th….with just one weekend separating us from a potential weekend out of town for Thanksgiving (and potentially another wedding) and just two weekends away from December.

Okay, now that I am done ranting about our calendar (did I mention we keep this all organized on a joint Google Calendar? But, that’s another blog post…) I can blab about our upcoming weekend festivities. We decided to head down to Storm Lake tonight…we plan on making several stops to see what kind of excitement we can find along the way. Tomorrow morning should leave us with a few hours to take in some sites…hi, Storm Lake has a Tree Museum….and I know everyone is anxiously anticipating a blog about that. Are you familiar with Storm Lake or the lovely commute? If you have any suggestions for things we should see or do on our little road trip, shoot me a comment, post or text.

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