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Goo! Just ruined my day…

October 26, 2010

I have long questioned wrapping paper companies on their apparently “strategic” decision to seal up a roll with a piece of tape. How does putting tape onto paper make any sense? Have they never heard of string….or rubber bands….or maybe even a different type of adhesive material that won’t cause me to destroy the roll of wrapping paper while I’m trying to open it?

My latest frustration has been with companies producing plastic binders. In my line of work I see a lot of these binders come and go, and whenever a new one falls into my lap I am blessed with the opportunity to remove the god forsaken stickers that these companies chose to stick all over the vinyl. I know that they know that these will never be removed without leaving a sticky residue that will successfully collect every piece of debris in our office and therefore completely destroy the perfectly designed insert I created for the reports cover (*inhale*).

In the case of wrapping paper, I get the strategy. If they seal it with tape they are therefore forcing me to destroy at least the first six inches of wrapping paper, which means overall consumption for them is likely to rise. That’s right America, the wrapping paper industry is conspiring against us. Kind of like how all shampoo says “rinse and repeat, if desired”, helloooo, no one needs to shampoo twice, they just want you to use twice as much. But my brilliant conspiracies aside, I have yet to figure out the strategy behind the binder companies, give me a minute and I’m sure I will think of something.

Thanks for following along (or attempting to follow along) with me on my rant, I had to get that wrapping paper stuff out there since the holiday season is upon us. I’m extremely interested in knowing what type of packaging or labeling irks you and what awesome remedies you’ve discovered to remove that goo, get that tape off without tearing…or how about someone that knows how to get into things sealed in that hard plastic that doesn’t involve explosives?

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  1. MegMath permalink
    October 26, 2010 21:59

    Maybe you’ve tried this, and it won’t work for wrapping paper, but, for the binders, if you get the sticker wet, like, REALLY sopping wet, it makes it easier to peel off…Warm water is probs better…

  2. Jenni permalink
    October 27, 2010 20:12

    Goof off or Goo gone works wonders on the gooey crap left behind from stickers! As for the tape on the wrapping paper, cut it! There is no easy way to get tape off paper but if you just cut the tape no one will even know the tape is still on it! And the hard plastic, a good heavy pair of scissors works best, like the kind that come in a kitchen knife set! Hope this helps :)

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