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B.E. Giveaway…

November 4, 2010

Of course I wasn’t going to miss the 30% off RareMinerals sale going on at BareEscentuals, that’s preposterousness.  And of course I wasn’t going to walk in and leave with only the two cleansers I walked in for.

One BE product that I don’t think I have raved about (via blog) yet is their Buxom lip glosses. Sometimes I forget that there are even other lip-glosses out there. These are that good. They give your lips that movie-star-esque smooth sheen while plumping them without any stinging. They are fabulous.

Every so often they release a little set of 4-miniature Buxoms, which are completely adorbs, and as National Artist Rachel Lake taught me, they are fabulous for mixing. Wear one color, two colors, three colors, whatever. Your lips are going to look fabulous no matter how many colors you layer (and feel amazing).

So, of course I left with two cleansers and the new “Rock Stars” Buxom Set.  But that’s not all, I got a set for myself and a set for one of you. Winning it is easy, just comment below and tell me one of the best stories involving your lips and why you want to make the Rock Stars yours….have the winning entry and they’ll be shipped to you next Tuesday!

Winner announced 11/08/10.

Find more Bare Escentuals related blog-posts by clicking here. Oh, and go visit your girls at Bare Escentuals at Rosedale Mall (Roseville, Minnesota), they are fabulous…and they just so happen to be having an amazing event this Friday (11/5) featuring National Artist Rachel Lake…it’s a master class (which are amazing and oodles of fun, plus you can see all the new products for Holiday). Give them a call to set up an appointment: 651-855-0003.

My best lip story goes something like this ( it can be summarized in a few words:

19 year old girls+ Spring Break 2006 + No Sunscreen+ Puerto Vallarta Mexico + Tequila Island Hopping Cruise= Ouch.

I got severely sunburned and my lips swelled up! They looked like they were full of marbles and then they blistered. Now I don’t go anywhere without BE’s First Base Lip Balm which has SPF 8 and is amazing! (and I will be giving one away in the near future). So, what’s your story?

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  1. Donna Schaneen permalink
    November 4, 2010 18:06

    Great website!!! Love the title :) :) :)

  2. Tonya Bestor permalink
    November 4, 2010 18:27

    Okay, so we have all seen those older women who hurriedly apply cheap red/orange lipstick…….So I am in the health food store making my purchases and there on the counter is Burts Bees tinted lip stuff, is the best way to describe it now. I eagerly picked up two different tints and proceeded to checkout. As I am waiting I decided to randomly apply so said lip “STUFF”. Finished paying and proceeded to Panera for a beverage to go, which will mean something as the story progresses. As I settle myself in for the next errand I decide to check out the new and improved me, at which point I started to cry. Yes, that is correct the crazy lady in the bright green element is sitting in the Panera parking lot crying. Not because I am distraught it is errand day and I really am not a big fan of errand day, but I looked in the mirror. I was a cross between BOZO the Clown and the previously mentioned lipstick impaired old lady. Who knew that Burts Bees had it in them….tinting my ass there is downright color to those things and in colors noone should be wearing . Though laughing at yourself until there is tears in your eyes is good for you from time to time Burts Bees tinted lip STUFF is not for me.

  3. Christine permalink
    November 4, 2010 18:43

    I could only laugh at the previous comment about BB’s tinted balm because I used to be that same person!?! I loved the feel of the regular w/o color and still wear it at night, but found my “inner (& OUTER!?!) clown” when I wore it during the day.

    I am really interested in this set for a couple of reasons. 1) When I tried to get this on one of the previous sales (despite doing it online & hours before the sale was supposed to “open”), it was sold out :-(. 2) I was getting it as a gift for my 13 yo daughter for Christmas so I could slowly (& less expensively!?!) introduce her into the fabulous world of BE and save her the heartache of crappy makeup that I suffered through right up till my *gulp* 40th birthday. ….and 3) She was not as “blessed” as I was in the lip department, so I wanted her to have rockin’ lip glosses to accentuate what she has and add shine/light to her BEautiful face.

    Sadly, I’m all tapped out on my CC & couldn’t order all the items I had planned to get her from the Sephora F & F sale, so I will have to wait. I just really hope that I can share this one thing with her though. The glosses are so perfect and not “too much” for a young girl.

    Thanks…..and love the blog, BTW!?! ;-)

  4. Ashley Wangen permalink
    November 4, 2010 18:46

    Ooooh lala..I want this <3

  5. Jauri Wheelock permalink
    November 4, 2010 18:57

    Just found your blog after seeing info on the BE fan page. Thanks for the info! Looks great!

  6. Linda Barnes permalink
    November 4, 2010 19:27

    Nice site!! Love BE

  7. Sara Nethercut permalink
    November 4, 2010 19:55

    I have never tried BE lip gloss, but have been quite interested in it because I constantly struggle with dry skin and chapped lips. It’s generally annoying, but it will soon be a huge problem. You see, I’m going to be a BRIDE shortly after you, and I’m dying to find the perfect lip treatment that doesn’t need to be reapplied 20 time a day, and will look amazing through an entire day of photos (and one that my FH won’t mind kissing at the alter). I have been converting to BE over the past few months because of your rave reviews and have so far fallen in love with most items I’ve tried. The thing is, I’ve only tried the basics (Get Started Kit) and have reordered the foundation and mineral veil, and now I’m madly in love with the Revival Treatment. I would love to try some eye shadows, blushes, and of course the lip glosses, but those are the less essential items that I have not yet been willing to fork over the cash for. Maybe after I get my own experience with these glosses, I’ll realize they’re worth every penny and be a true BE convert….

  8. Melissa Michel permalink
    November 4, 2010 20:36

    I will admit I’m a bit of a make-up addict. I’ve tried pretty much everything and would pay pretty much anything, if I thought it would work. I’ve had the pleasure of being Danielle’s sister and by her grace and generosity have had the opportunity to try loads of BE’s amazing products. I laugh with you Tonya, because I too have “missed” with a lot of Burt’s Bee’s lip tints…but there were a few that I totally loved and would still use in a pinch. (as a side note, ever tried the BB’s pomegranate lip moisturizer?…it has just a subtle (read: barely there) tint of pink, gives you that healthy, lively, glow). Anyways…I have aquired at least 15 different BE lipglosses, moisturizing sticks, lipsticks, lipliners, Buxoms and I must say they are amazing!!! They are all I use now. This coming from somone that exclusively used Clinique from the time I started wearing make-up, being a department store make-up counter fiend for years, paying upwards of $60 a bottle, tube, vial…for anything that would moisturize, “plump” or accentuate my lips in any way. Even going to such extremes as wearing something that “burned like hell, but had a great color”….or something that “made me look like I had just made out with a bee”. I think I should get these Rockstar’s just cuz you love me. But, Christmas is coming soon enough…I will look forward BE prizes from you, in my stocking. xxxxxoooo

  9. Rachel permalink
    November 4, 2010 20:54

    My best lip story:

    My Mom is the original BE queen of the house. I was not at all interested in buying makeup from TV. One day I looked at my mother and asked her…..who are YOU and what did you do with my Mom. She was wearing BE and looked absolutely gorgeous. After seeing how fabulous it was I then decided that I needed it. Yes, I love the products but I fell in LOVE with Buxom lips. Now the shoe was on the other foot….Mom wouldn’t wear Buxom. She was hooked on all of those “stay on lip products” and had tons of them. I would continually rave a out Buxom and she’d keep wearing all that other stuff that continually dried out the lips. Then a BE Boutique finally opened near me and I attended the Grand Opening. I was telling the girls the story and one of them told me about Lip Rev-ver upper and that it would help in keeping the Buxom last longer. I immediately purchased it for Mom. She started using it and slowly started loving it. Then my Buxoms started to go missing. hmmmm…where could they be?? Yep….Mom was finally converted BUT she still had all of the “other” stuff. Finally about two months later she walked over to the garbage can with two handfuls of the “other” stuff and threw it all away!! SUCCESS! And now there are two Buxom addicts in the house!!

    • November 4, 2010 21:07

      Ha, I love it. And the Rev-ver is amazing! I love to dip it in the eyeshadows to create custom shades! <3

  10. Debbe permalink
    November 4, 2010 21:08

    Great blog, Danielle. We miss you at Rosedale!!

    • November 4, 2010 21:15

      Thanks Debbe. I miss Rosie <3 But I love stopping by to see the girls and sometimes when I'm there a BE Angel pops in, too. I love seeing everyone! Luckily I got there last night just as they were doing the Holiday promo change and unpacking all the new products! Elizabeth let me open up a few of the new kits—it was like Christmas, I cannot wait!

  11. Cathy Maas permalink
    November 4, 2010 22:11

    At 50 I’m probably not the average age for your blog readers. I don’t really have a clever or interesting lip stoy except to say that my lips have experienced life and put forth what I hope has been considered kindness and wisdom.
    My lips have tasted the delightful temptations of many delectable foods both at home and abroad; the sweet breathless kisses of my husband and the precious baby cheeks of my children.
    Having begun the second season of life, my lips have begun the early stages of shrinkage from age. Being in favor of the more natural, Botox is in no way an option!
    It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I believe that the lips/mouth is/are the window to the heart; for the mouth speaks either with words or with a smile that which is felt in the heart. It can hurt as well as heal.
    That being said, I would more than appreciate the Buxom glosses for lips that desire to not only look more pleasing but to speak in a pleasing manner as well.

    • Beth permalink
      November 5, 2010 22:08

      Beautifully written!!

      • Cathy Maas permalink
        November 6, 2010 00:17

        Awwww Thank you Beth

  12. Liza permalink
    November 4, 2010 23:21

    Hi glad I found your blog from the BE facebook pg. I really hope to win I am new to BE as I was looking for something that is not all toxic, like so many things are now a days. I have been adding to my collection slowly as money is very tight on 1 income. I would be very blessed to win and try the lip glosses for the 1st time. Have a great day. :)

  13. Meagan Jones permalink
    November 4, 2010 23:34

    I don’t have a lip story, but I wish my lips would look as fab as yours do in all of your pictures! (Your whole face, more like it!) Beautiful! I haven’t ever tried BE stuff, but I want to, it’s obviously awesome. I am meeting with Matt Sepeta next Friday, and I want to look awesome in engagement/wedding pictures! I wrote down all the makeup you used in your photos, holy hannah expensive, but so worth it! I know I would be a life-long BE-er after trying it once. :)

    • November 5, 2010 00:20

      You should get an appointment at a BE Boutique (it’s free!). The girls are more than happy to work with you on a budget and help you figure out what you need and what you can wait to get next time (I highly recommend Shannon at BE Rosedale, she’s a genius)! I think the foundation and blush is the most essential for the shoot! I’d get the starter kit ($60) and a shade of blush and you’re set for photos. <3 Feel free to FB message me if you have any specific questions! You won't regret it and your skin will thank you!

  14. leah permalink
    November 4, 2010 23:43

    This stuff is incredible! I got it as a free sample from BE. I just love the way it feels and tastes! I can never go back to plain again. Luckily it looks good too, because otherwise I might do the little old lady orange lady lips thing just for the buxom feeling!

  15. Kiersten permalink
    November 5, 2010 01:20

    Me and my local Sephora (and my wallet, unfortunately..) are all too familiar with the wonder that is Bare Escentuals. I have been using their line for nearly three years now, and have come to absolutely rely on their brand! (Sidenote, have you seen the BE 20 piece eyeshadow set that is rougly $76 for sale on QVC?? It is at the top of my Christmas list…and if I get it, I know exactly how I will be storing them, thanks to you!!)

    Anyway, I have little experience with the Buxom Lip glosses, as they are sometimes just not in the budget. I would love to give this set a shot! So, my best lip story, is about my lip balm/gloss obsession. I happen to admittedly LOVE and own many tubes of none other than LipSmackers. The Watermelon LipSmakers is my absolute favorite, and it looks a little silly in my makeup case among all my BE and philosophy products, but I just can’t let it go! I occasionally get teased by my boyfriend for my obsession over such a trivial item, and honestly felt a little silly for owning so many! However, for valentines day, said boyfriend gave me the best present…ever.

    First came a bag full of: doctor pepper, watermelon slices, pink cotton candy, pink lemonade, a bottle of vanilla extract, ect…at first I thought he was trying to suggest I start practicing my domesticity (He cooks and bakes!) But then, realized what all the items had in common. He then presented me with a box full of LipSmackers lip balms! Every. Single. Flavor/Kind they currently make. It was really, honestly, the best, most thoughtful present EVER! He indulged my love for little girl drugstore makeup, and dispelled any sinking feelings I will ever have for using it!

    So, I’ll conclude this novel-length post by saying that I LOVE your blog. Being a former Luther Student, I love the d-town references! Also, I work for Crate & Barrel, so if you decide to register with Crate, I’m here for questions/tips :)

    • November 5, 2010 02:40

      Love this. I was once a LipSmackers fan, too (I remember carrying around the EXTRA LARGE sized ones…you know, the ones that were like 5 inches long…)! We all gotta start somewhere…Now my Buxom collection is massive. I think upwards of 30 shades (not counting the 100% naturals). Now I just need to think of a handy way to store those….hmm…

      • Kiersten permalink
        November 5, 2010 03:36

        Yes, I suppose it is time for me to graduate to big girl lip products :) (I’m keeping LS watermelon…shhh.) But if you think of a storage solution, share the wealth!

  16. Kitsy permalink
    November 5, 2010 02:31

    You have such a cute blog! : )

  17. Genevieve permalink
    November 7, 2010 17:33

    Your blog is so professional it is killing me. Love it! I don’t have any awesome stories about my lips, but that is about to change when I win my buxom pout glosses!

  18. Mackenzie permalink
    November 8, 2010 04:52

    growing up, I had every lip gloss known to mankind. for serial, my AOL screen name was lipglossgal728. embarrassing? I think not. however, this fact has led to a wide array of jokes in our friend circle, my most favorite being this moment: if you know me, I’m addicted to youtube as much, if not more, than lipgloss itself. earlier this year, I attempted to create my own account. naturally, I used my go-to name, thinking no one could possibly already have a lipglossgal728 account (come on, who is THAT clever? THAT smart? THAT charming? ok, tangent, but, really, c’mon, nobody else). much to my dismay, it had been taken. uhhh, WHAT. came out of my room, bitching to my roommate & her then-boyf about how I finally was ready to commit to youtube & “who could possibly have it?!” etc. they start cracking up (this isn’t funny), and Sam Wiles (yes, that hilariously serious republican) admits he’s been signing in with lipglossgal728 for TWO YEARS (aka a youtube eternity) for his own selfish gain. really, sam? really? looks like I’ll go back to carlma03 (sigh).


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