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Bare With Me…

November 10, 2010

Have I infected you with my Bare Escentuals addiction yet? If you are one of my readers who has escaped unscathed, you are one of the lucky ones.  If you are one of my friend’s who now finds your wallet just a little bit lighter and your makeup bag a tad heavier at the end of the month, then I think you’ll enjoy the new feature I’m introducing to my blog. If you were already an addict by your own right, then you are really going to enjoy this.

A lot of people have never heard of “Leslie” or “Leslie’s Angels”. If you are unfamiliar with Bare Escentuals as a company you likely have no idea what I’m talking about…and even if you’ve been using the products for years there’s a chance that you have been oblivious to the fact that a somewhat mysterious society of women exists for the sole purpose of spreading the word about the amazing benefits of Bare Escentuals.

Leslie Blodgett is the CEO of Bare Escentuals, the company that makes products such as Bare Minerals (you see them on QVC, in Sephora, Ulta & at their own Bare Escentual Boutiques). Leslie has become a very iconic figure for women— perhaps it’s her personable nature, the fact that she seemingly cares so much about the common gal, that she takes time out of her day to respond personally to upset customers or entertain us all with her witty Facebook updates—-or perhaps it’s simply her kickass products that have made her somewhat of a celebrity. Whatever it is, the chick is rad.

But, she is far from the only rad person involved with Bare Escentuals. Of course their employees are amazing, especially the ones at BE Rosedale (there’s your plug, pals), but there’s also a select group of women (who are just fans of the product) that are known as “Leslie’s Angels”. These ladies get VIP treatment, free products and direct communication with the boss, Leslie Blodgett. These women often get to test out products that are still in the development stage, and often see new kits before they are ever for sale online or in stores. So, you really can’t put a value on having one of these gals in your phone book—their opinion and knowledge is pretty valuable.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new blog segment calledBare with Me, an interesting little section I am going to dedicate to Bare Escentuals crazed women everywhere. Here, we’ll take an inside look at new products, share product reviews and opinions, and, most importantly, meet some of the women behind Bare Escentuals. I will introduce you to some of these “Angels”, they’ll take us inside their BE Collection, tell us about their favorite products, share fun tips and ideas for storing “the goods”, and let’s be honest here…we’ll all feel better about the ten Buxom lip-glosses we own when we meet a woman that owns a hundred. Hopefully we’ll also learn some things and meet some amazing women along the way.

So, watch for the Bare with Me installments, they’ll be coming at you periodically starting tomorrow when we’ll meet Ms. Laurie Maxwell, an Angel from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been a real “peach” to talk with over the past few days and I’m looking forward to sharing her BE Story with you…

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  1. November 10, 2010 06:27

    Love this idea! I’m very much looking forward to this and what the ladies have to say!

  2. Kelly permalink
    November 11, 2010 01:51

    Neat idea! I too am one of Leslie’s Angels! I was a lucky winner of one of her Michael Kors white resin boyfriend watches last year on the Angels facebook page!! Leslie is a very generous soul and I hope to get the chance to meet her someday! She rocks!!

  3. November 11, 2010 06:37

    It has been my honor to be interviewed and highlighted in Danielle’s blog! Thanks so much, Dani!

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