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The Future Mrs. “B”…

November 16, 2010

My mom is pretty good at surprises, and for my 25th Birthday she got me pretty good. On our way down to Deco Girls Retreat, Keonna and I swung past my Mom’s for an afternoon of scarf making. When I walked in the door my Mom had her vast collection of old buttons spread out on the kitchen counter. I assumed it was for the scarf-making adventure, but of course I had to mention the awesome button pillow I had found on Etsy. Being that my mother is as big of a Facebook Ninja as I am, I assumed she had seen my recent post about how badly I wanted one of these pillows, embroidered with buttons in the shape of a “B” for my soon-to-be new last name (and by the way, we’re at 200 days til the day, folks).

She claimed she didn’t see the post, which I found hard to believe, but the lady has five kids to creep on via Facebook, so I guess I wasn’t shocked. Besides, I enjoy having something to blab about so I launched into a detailed description of the pillow and how maybe she could let me dig through her button box and take home some buttons to get one started. I assumed it would take me the better part of the winter to finish this extremely tedious project.

Shortly after this my younger sister came walking out with my birthday gift, which I unwrapped to discover the pillow I had just described wanting to my make—-a light brown tweed fabric with buttons of assorted colors neatly sewn into a perfect “B”. The pillow was perfect, no doubt, but when my mom explained that the pillow contained buttons from not only her button-box but also the button boxes of my grandma and great-grandma—-it really put the icing on my birthday cake.

Of course it meant a lot that for the past few weeks my Mom had spent every moment of her free time hand-sewing all of these little buttons onto my pillow…that was, until she told me she had stayed up a little  late on Friday night to make it. But, just because she did in 5 hours what I planned to do in 5 weeks doesn’t mean the pillow isn’t special…it just means my mom is superwoman.

So, thanks mom, first for being superwoman and second for an awesome birthday gift and my very first piece of “B”ling.

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