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DIY: Jewelry Organization…

November 18, 2010

Here is a relatively simple step-by-step for taking a wooden silverware drawer organizer and turning it into a jewelry organizer to hang on your wall….supplies:

Wooden silverware organizer.

Wooden knobs (Home Depot $1.50)

Assorted paper (these are individual scrapbook pages, $.59 each) and picture frame hangers (Michaels, $2.00).

Mod Podge! The kind that dries clear (Michaels $2.50).

Aside from the items pictured—-you’ll need a paint brush, hammer and glue-gun.

You start by measuring the different size compartments and marking your paper for cutting. Once you have it sized correctly, spread a thin layer of mod podge on the bottom.

Next place your paper in the compartment and press down evenly, making sure to get out any trapped air.

Next, brush a thin layer of the mod podge on top of the paper to seal it.

Ta-Da! (Still wet and shiny and some areas haven’t dried clear, yet).

While its drying you can nail the frame hangers on. Easy peasy.

The final step is just to put on the knobs—-I also decided to use a small dowel to hold rings in the bottom section, I simply used a glue-gun. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll add knobs in all four sections, or try to figure something out for bracelets.

Ring holder.

Finished product. The hardest part is finding the wooden silverware organizers—-they are not easy to come by. Once you have it done make sure you visit Simlie Spring Sentiments to buy some fab jewelry to fill it with (selfish plug, I know).


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