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Spice up your Man Cave…

December 2, 2010

Allow me to take a moment to brag about one of my brothers, who is the fabulous artistic talent behind Dylan Michel Arts. This fall he put an amazing amount of time and effort into painting this portrait of Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. The original piece was auctioned off at a benefit for our cousin, but my brother recently had professional scans done of the painting. He is now selling high-quality reproductions that are printed on Giclee Canvas—-it looks so real no one will know that you don’t have the original hanging in your Man Cave. Buy one, get it signed by AP and bask in the array of your verified Vikings Super Fandom. Next on his “to paint” list is Joe Mauer, I believe, so I hope all you Twins Fans are holding your breath. He also does commissioned work and custom portraits, so check out his information on that. You can find PayPal links to purchase the prints on his website by clicking here.   Pricing with active paypal links are also listed below.

Giclee Canvas 18×20: $100

Giclee Canvas 12×16: $70

Giclee Paper 11×14: $60

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