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DIY: Static Bands…

December 6, 2010

Winter is in full force in Minnesota, and while we do get the majority of the wintery snow, Minnesotans aren’t the only ones plagued with that horribly dry winter air.

Dry skin is usually your first indicator that the air has officially switched over—-but not long after your skin dries out your hair follows suit and become filled with static electricity. No matter what length of hair you have, the static fly aways are annoying—but it is exemplified by length.

For the past couple of years I have remedied this time of year with what I called “Static Bands”. I don’t know when or where I came up with it, but I sure as heck know why: to keep my locks from flying away, clinging to my neck, and harassing every hat or scarf I put on. Here’s how you can make your own…


1. Pack of hair ties.

2. Spray bottle of static guard.

3. An area to hang hair ties for drying.


1. Take the hair ties and lay them in a shallow dish or pan.

2. Spray them with static guard until they are absolutely drenched in the stuff.

3. Hang them up and allow them to dry over night.

4. Wear one on your wrist. When  you start to feel that unwelcome static, simply take it off and loop it around your hair as if you were putting it in a pony tail, then slide the Static Band off your hair and…taa daaa! De-frizzed.


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