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December 11, 2010

I remember the first time I was in Europe in early 2006, and at the time the current fashion rave was the knee-high boots. I remember us American girls scoffing at all of these Europeans who were shoving their jeans into their boots and joking about how they all looked like Equestrians. A few days into the trip I realized the major benefit of this fashion trend and promptly purchased a pair of knee high boots in Vienna.

I think it was a combination of central Europe’s infamously dirty streets and the fact that we were trudging around in the snow and slush 6-8 hours a day (we were on a WWII research trip and visited all over Germany, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic), but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to destroy the bottom 5 inches of every pair of jeans I had brought.

Fast forward to being back in the Midwest, and I quickly realized that his trend was beneficial no matter what area of the snow-covered globe you were trekking. Your pants stay clean, and more importantly, they stay dry. So, here’s to knee high boots, and in honor of Minnesota’s current forecast and our incoming 10-12 inches of snow, here are a few ideas for spicing up your collection….

How do you feel about boot cuffs? Kind of an interesting touch to add to your boots. People will think you have a pair to coordinate with every outfit. These cuffs are available on Etsy from LaineDesign ($40.00).


And how about spats? I think they are a pretty unique idea for adding some interest to your boots. And trust me, these aren’t your grandpa’s spats.  Available on Etsy from SewMuchStyle ($49.00).

Or how about these adorable little boot wraps…they show them wrapped up around a pair of stilettos too, and dang, that is just as cute. Available on Etsy from Mano Bello ($110.00).

Lacking knee high boots? How bout faking it with a warm pair of leg muffs? Available on Etsy from Lesha’s Workshop ($49.00).

Or how about a nice cozy pair of BootWarmers? The pattern to make your own pair of these little doozies is available on Etsy from Bella McBride ($5.00).

And well, I never was a huge fan of the furry boot fad, but your thighs do look thinner if your calves look like Sasquach, so hey, who am I to deny you of that right? These are available on Etsy from Leg Vogue ($35.00).

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