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Seattle or Bust…

December 29, 2010

Some things in life aren’t easy. The first day of high school. Your first big breakup. Having your childhood pet die. The day your best friend packs up and moves 1,695 miles away.

I will gladly admit that up until today I was still situated in a very happy state of denial about her relocation. But, the facts can’t be hidden any longer—she has all of her things packed up (in the back of a short-box pick up, don’t ask me how that was possible) and is headed to Lacey, Washington. From now on she’ll be a “West Coast Gal” while I’m left here shivering in the snowy No-Coast.

Bon voyage, bestest…what is 1,695 miles between soul mates, anyways? But, in case you need to find your way back to me, here are the directions.

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