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Best of BE…

December 31, 2010

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to recommend my favorite BE Products…well, honestly if I had a dollar for every time I would just go out and buy back ups of each of these fabulous products. But honestly, I’m flattered when people ask for my opinion, and as a gal who has literally tried it all, I’m happy to offer it.

First off, everyone needs the starter kit—i.e. the foundation, warmth, mineral veil and necessary brushes. After you have that covered, these are the items on my “go buy em” list…

1. RareMinerals renew & reveal facial cleanser: Actually, I recommend the entire RareMinerals line, but if I have to pick just one item—I couldn’t live without the cleanser.

2. Buxom glosses: any shade will do, but “Dani” is particularly awesome, obviously. The rich glosses contain menthol which help fill out lips naturally, without uncomfortable burning—and leave you with the smooth glistening lips that you envy in all of your favorite celebs.

3.  The Surprise Kit: This kit came out last winter, but if you are the proud owner of this baby, congrats, in my opinion it is the best kit BE has put out (you can still find it some places online). You will never find more perfect shadows for a sultry smoky eye or a better brush for lining your bottom lashes. (If you missed this kit last year, this year’s  Beyond Gorgeous kit is quite similar and equally as fabulous.)

4. Eyelid Primer: It keeps your eyeshadow where you want it all day and night. ‘Nuff said.

5. Heavenly face brush: If it’s not already in your collection you won’t regret this $30.00 addition. Use it to put on your mineral veil and then buff, buff, buff. It polishes your foundation into a flawless finish and helps it wear longer.


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