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The Easy-Eye…

January 11, 2011

Feeling too lazy for an extravagant eye look for this evening? Never fear, because this quick and easy smoky-eye look takes mere moments to achieve and a simple, seductive wink to properly execute.

It’s a common misconception that smoky eyes need to be dark or require a lot of product in order to get the effect—but with the smoky eye becoming popular in nearly every shade, and with a subtle, soft, office-appropriate version of it popping up everywhere, it’s only fair to share a few extremely easy steps for achieving the perfect Daytime Smoky Eye.



  1. Start off by applying a small amount of the eyelid primer to your eye area. Gently tap it along your lid and brow-bone and pat until evenly absorbed. Since it dries slightly opaque take a second to look in the mirror and make sure you don’t have any funny lines or edges where you applied the primer.
  2. With primer still tacky use Soft Focus brush to apply your lighter neutral eyeshadow from lid to brow-bone. If you prefer, use a lighter shade on your lid (and as a brow highlight) and a slightly darker shade on your brow-bone. Lightly dip the brush into the eyeshadow, then use the cap of the eyeshadow to swirl until all the powder is tucked up into the bristles. Press the eyeshadow into place (instead of sweeping) and then gently buff it to blend.
  3. THE SECRET! The trick to the world’s easiest smoky eye is in the brush, The Crease Defining Brush. To get the perfect Daytime Smokey Eye simple swirl a small amount of your darker shade into the Crease Defining Brush using the eyeshadow cap.
  4. Once the brush is loaded with your darker eyeshadow, you are ready to learn how to use it. Simple close your eye and point the brush’s bristles into the outer corner of your eye, open your eye and with it open gently move the brush in a circular motion.
  5. It looks a bit silly until you get your liner and mascara on. So go ahead and apply your liner (any color will do but my favorite is Soft Black applied with the Full Edge Liner Brush, and don’t forget your Flawless Definition Mascara).
  6. Once your liner and mascara are in place you may decide that the corners could be darker, if so, repeat steps three & four.
  7. If you want to take it from Day-to-Night or perhaps give it a bit more “oomph” for the office, use the Heavenly Liner Brush to softly add color to lower lashes.

If you’re new to the Smoky Eye Scene, purchasing the Smoky Eye  Kit is a great place to begin, it comes with Skyline (smoky) and Celestine (base) which you can see here.

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