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Be Bangin’…

January 12, 2011

Do you have bangs? Have you contemplated cutting them? Well, as a gal who has had a very tumultuous love-hate relationship with Bangs, I can offer a lot of advice.

Growing up I had nearly every style of bangs. In high school I grew them out. Sophomore year of college I cut them again (no, seriously, I tried to be super trendy and rock the straight-across bangs…jury is still out on whether or not I ever actually pulled it off). I then spent 4 years growing them out again. And last weekend I once again cut them off.

For the past year or so I’ve been sporting the extremely-deep side part. Which lately had come to resemble more of an extremely-deep bang comb-over. And unless you’re a 40+ year old balding male, you shouldn’t have a comb-over. No, wait…no one should have a comb-over.

And so, after a very emotional, embarrassing, and slightly spastic visit to Mia & Maxx at Rosedale Mall I had my bangs back once again. I wish I could remember my stylists name so that I could issue a public apology for the “yes cut them, no wait” drama….because hey, I’m officially loving them.

So, for anyone with bangs who is doubting them, or without bangs who is considering them, here are my top products and tips to Be Bangin‘.

1. Reverse Blow-Drying: Have yet to figure out how some girls seem to get perfectly side-swept bangs? I’m still perfecting the art—but I really wish someone had told me this tip the first time I had bangs: When you’re hair is wet, part it opposite of how you want it to look when it is dry. So, if you normally wear your hair parted on the right side of your head, part it down the left side when you get out of the shower. Likewise, blow your hair as if you want it parted to the left—pulling your bangs in that direction as you dry them. Once it is dry, part it when you prefer and come them to the right. The results are amazing.

2. TRESemme Waterless Foam Shampoo: If you haven’t gotten on the dry or waterless shampoo train yet, get on it. Not washing your hair everyday not only saves you time, but it helps keep your hair shiny. Trading in your morning shower for a date with some of this stuff at least once a week will restore your hair’s natural shine. Why is it awesome for bangs, you ask? Because when your bangs are flat at the end of the day, working some of this into their roots and re-drying them makes them look brand new.

3. Hair Powders: If you want big, thick, Bardot-style hair, you have got to tease it using a hair powder such as Lee Stafford’s Matt Fat. Working a small amount of the powder into the roots of your bangs will help give them volume. Use it in the rest of your hair when you tease it for added thickness.

4. Prevent forehead breakouts: I’m not sure if its a proven fact, but whenever I have bangs I can pretty much guarantee I am more likely to get a blemish on my forehead. I think the theory goes that the oils from your hair can cause clogged pores? Eww that just made me vomit. Anyways, I’ve been lightly applying Rare Minerals Skin Revival Treatment underneath my makeup to be sure and eliminate any threat to anti-blemish security.

Have you already braved the bangs? Have bang tips of your own? I’d love to hear ’em.

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