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The cupcake baking wife…

January 22, 2011

I’m in the mood to bake and decorate (and maybe even eat) cupcakes…and to be quite honest I was totally blown away by some of the things that popped up when I went to create this vision board. Cupcake jewelry? Cupcake sweaters? Who knew there were so many options for decorating supplies, and recipes, and books? Tupperware just for cupcakes? And specialized cupcake makers? How did I forget to put that on our wedding registry? For other cupcake making or loving ladies out there here are some of my favorite “cupcake finds”…and to educate us all here are Marthe Stewart’s favorite Cupcake Recipes…enjoy.

Cupcake CarrierCupcake Necklace. Cupcake Sweater. Rum Raisin Cupcake Skirt.  500 Cupcakes Book. Cupcake Tshirt. Cupcake Scented Candle. Cupcake Making Kit. Sunbeam Cupcake Maker. Apron. Cupcake Images.

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