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$150 Living-room Face-Lift…

January 23, 2011

Is your living-room boring you? Or maybe you are just ready for a change? Eitherway here are some very thrifty suggestions for a $150 Room Transformation…

Pillows Covers: $15.00. One of the fastest ways to a living-room face-lift is changing up your throw pillows. But, with throw pillows often costing $30 or more it’s not always the most economical route. Try pillow covers, which start around $10. These ones are available from Lunar Bazaar.

Peacock Blue Throw: $3.49. If a blanket is merely for decoration, why invest a ton of money into it? Find an affordable one for looks and keep that big comfy quilt your grandma made you nearby for movie nights. This one is from Ikea.

Wall Art:$12.00 Each. Artwork can be an expensive (but worthwhile) investment. If you aren’t quite ready to drop $150+ on framed artwork, wall decals are a great option. They look professional and add a lot to the wall, but without the price tag. These prints are available from Dali Decals.

Floor Lamp: $40.00. This lamp is the most expensive addition to the room makeover, but it doesn’t need to be! This one is available from IKEA, but try finding a base at your local thrift store and invest money in the new shade.

Books/Bookends: $14.00. Books can be a great way to accessorize your room on the cheap. If you have tons a book collection of your own, look through them for a selection in a specific color palette. Your local salvation army is another great source for cheap books. It will end up costing you cents. Finish them with some book ends, such as these from Crate & Barrel.

Blue Rug: $29.00 Tossing a rug under your coffee table not only adds an instant pop of color but also protects your carpet from your TV-Dinner nights. This one is available from HDC.

Beige Rug: $2.99. You can always count on IKEA to bring a little texture into your room for a few dollars.

Your total is now at just below $146—but if you’ve saved money on a thrifty lamp or perhaps vintage bookends you are going to come in below budget. The only other factor to consider is the cost of paint and supplies—-but keep it to one accent wall to save yourself some dough.

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