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Intrepid Traveler…

January 24, 2011

If you saw my Facebook today then you already know I was busy trying to take a vintage compass and turn it into a necklace.  I typically start making a necklace without a completely clear vision of what it might turn out like, but from the second I saw this compass I knew exactly what the finished product would look like. The necklace is comprised of a single strand of assorted stone and pearl beads and adorned with a vintage compass. The compass is functional (although I’m not sure how accurate it is, but seems pretty accurate) and the finished project can be purchased here. Wouldn’t this be a great accessory for the adventurous gal that you know? Just looking at it gives me the travel bug, and makes me really excited for our upcoming trip to Chicago…

1.Eye Spy Camera, Romp,$11.

2. Grace Knit Fedora,YesStyle, $58.

3. Intrepid Traveler Necklace, Simlie Springs Sentiments, $45.

4. Cardigan, Land’s End, $24.

5. Scarf, You, He, She, $74.

6. Brown Tank, Old Navy, $7.50.

7. Green Tank, The Out Net, $94.

8. Subway Route Wallet, Moma Store, $15.

9. Map Tote Bag, YesStyle, $31.50.

10. Purse Pen, Tiffany, $94.

11. World Traveler Journal, Kate’s Paperie, $56.


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