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Her Valentine’s Day…

January 25, 2011

Hey, you! Yeah, you.  Put down the phone, don’t you even think about ordering flowers again this Valentine’s Day. Alright, well, flowers are okay as long as they are accompanying something fabulous. Nervous about shopping for your sig other, you say? Fear not, here are some suggestions (all exciting and economical, I might add) for making your Valentine’s Day gift giving a breeze (and Ladies, your helpful guide is coming soon).

1. If you’re going with jewelry, why not make it something interesting like this Love Letter  Necklace from Uncommon Goods? Pair it with a real love letter and watch her swoon.

2. Trust me, I know how nerve-wracking it can be for guys to buy clothes for their ladies. I don’t blame you guys one bit. One thing that is pretty fool-proof, however, are shoes. It’s easy for you to peek at her size and she won’t be offended if it doesn’t fit. Step a bit outside the box and buy a pair you would actually enjoy seeing her wear, like these  Blue Boots from Target. Are you interested in getting her into sports? Hiking? Biking? Dancing? Buy shoes for the occasion.

3. Nothing says I love you like wanting to travel together. Surprise her with the book 1000 places to see before you die and pair it with a fun passport cover (these are  from here and here). To make it extra special write something gushy inside the cover and bookmark a few of your favorite destination ideas.

4. So then there’s the “new couple” that isn’t very serious come Valentine’s Day. There’s always all these questions, do we buy gifts, do we celebrate it at all? Well, for the new couple, how about 4000 Questions for getting to know Anyone and Everyone? Pair it with #5 and you’re sure to have a memorable (and talkative) V-Day.

5. In February it’s easy to think that Spring is just around the corner. But trust me, there’ll be at least a few more nights where you wanna snuggle up with wine. Put a couple of your favorite bottles inside this  Wine Caddy, pair it with a movie or new television series and you’re set. The caddy will come in handy when Picnic Weather arrives.

6. Gift cards are not okay. But gift cards from a fool-proof store paired with one of the season’s hottest beauty must-haves is totally okay. Grab her a  Buxom Smoky Eye Stick to give her those sultry eyes that all guys love, and pair it with a Sephora gift card. Trust me, she’ll adore you.

7. Are you pretty serious with a crafty gal? She’ll love filling out this All About Us scrapbook. It’ll give her something to do while you’re watching the game.

8. You can’t go wrong with having your girl smell good, and I’m totally serious when I say that you will love how she smells when wearing In The Garden of Good and Eva.

9. No, you cannot buy her an $8 bottle of nail polish and call it good. You can however buy her next season’s hottest shade, and pair it with a gift card for a pedicure. Better yet, set up appointments for both of you. Let her open the nail-polish, and right after she makes that slightly-disappointed-with-your-gift-of-choice-face tell her you have appointments tomorrow morning. Guys getting pedicures is adorable and necessary. No, really.

10. If you know your girl well enough to know her heritage, honor it. Wouldn’t this book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack and key chain be adorable gifts for the Norwegian gal on your list?

11. This  Reusable Cup would warm the heart of any environmentally concerned girl. Pair it with gourmet tea, coffee or hot chocolate for an adorable gift.

12. I might be wrong, but I think most girls love cute Note Cards, especially stylish ones like these from Vera Bradley.

13. The music loving lady would look quite rad with this  Cassette Tape Tote. If you want extra points throw in tickets to an upcoming concert or a new case for her iPod.


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