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His Valentine’s Day…

January 26, 2011

The ladies aren’t going to escape ridicule either. No, he does not want another tie. And yes, he does think those home-made coupons your gave him for hugs and massages etc. are adorable. Oh, and the framed pictures of the two of you that he gets for every holiday? He loves those, he’s just running out of room for all of them. So, with that said, here are a few suggestions! They are a little heavy on the literature, so if you haven’t been blessed with a man who reads, you yourself might as well stop reading now. Fortunately a few of these don’t really require much reading to actually enjoy.

1. Do you think your guy has great ideas? Tell him so and beg him to write them all down in these adorable “Field Note” pocket ledgers. Pair it with these rustic and manly colored pencils to keep his creativity flowing.

2. He doesn’t have to be a fan of Mad Men to appreciate these cigarette-pack inspired books. He’ll be surprised to find works by some of the greats inside each pack.

3. Tough guys like digital photos and Facebook albums just as much as the not-tough guys, so treat your guy to this Extra-Tough Digital Camera that can withstand his rough-housing and is also waterproof.

4. Perhaps your guy’s perfect hair isn’t a vital part of your relationship (like it is in ours), but regardless your guy will appreciate the benefits of a great shampoo.

5. Slip on shoes. Easy. Comfortable. Cute. Enough said.

6. The tech-savvy guy that travels with his laptop is sure to appreciate a stylish one such as this.

7. It’s not that I don’t love when Josh to borrow my chapstick, but really, what does he do when I’m not around? Guys should have their own.

8. My guy likes books, and I like giving him interesting ones. I think most guys would find the following titles at least semi-interesting: Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, The Geometry of Pasta (this book was written for Josh, I swear, pasta loving math nerd), The Quotable Douchebag, The Good Husband Guide, and last but not least Dirty Jokes every man should Know.

9. The music loving dude will likely adore this wooden case for the iPod touch.

10. Do you love those impromptu weekend trips the two of you take? Help your guy stay stylish with a weekender bag for men (and then watch for deals on weekends away and surprise him with a mini-vacay).

11. What guy doesn’t love beer? And encouraging them to make their own? You’ll be the best girlfriend ever.

12. It’s been said that few things rival the feeling of an authentic old-fashioned shave. Surprise your guy with a Valentine’s Day “Man-Spa Treatment”. Give him The Art of Shaving Kit and treat him to a shave (it will be a real exercise in trust)!

13. There are still plenty of chilly days left after February 14th, keep your guy’s ears warm with this cozy hat.

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