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A Special Simlie Project…

January 27, 2011

I don’t highlight every project we get at Simlie Springs, and although we don’t do a ton of custom work we have recently been blessed with the opportunity to work on some custom projects for several fabulous ladies and gents. Most recently I finished a project for my friend Mrs. L, who sent me a silver necklace with a butterfly pendant that she had gotten from her Grandmother. Similar to my Intrepid Traveler Project, I started by picturing what the necklace might be worn with. As a new mother, I pictured L loving on her adorable son while wearing the necklace she inherited from her Grandma. It seemed that in a way, the first generation would be with the fourth.

L was pretty open to my ideas and let me kind of run with the design–so I really enjoyed unleashing my creativity on this heirloom jewelry project. Below is a short excerpt from L about her experience with Simlie. If there’s a project we can do for you, please contact us at (

(White cardigan from Old Navy, Tank top from Delia’s, Bag from Zara, necklace custom made by Simlie Springs)

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