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Teach me how to Revamp…

February 1, 2011

My mom is like  creepishly talented. She can bake you a pan of fresh cookies while reupholstering furniture with one hand and changing the oil in your car with the other. She might even check your tire pressure while she’s at it and she’ll probably do it all while curling her hair or painting her nails. I’m not joking, she’s not someone you want to go up against in a multi-tasking contest.

Growing up she was always tackling ridiculous projects. I can remember someone asking me where my mom was and I said “Stripping in the garage…” and then quickly realized what I said and corrected it, “She’s stripping our old furniture in the garage….”  The lady has taken old sets of furniture and re-varnished/reupholstered them to look amazing.  She stripped my Grandma’s entire kitchen and re-stained it a lovely light oak.  I could go on and on but the moral of this story is: I want to learn how to do it.

I want to find the underlying beauty in old furniture, too. I want to uncover timeless pieces buried deep at some flea market and then present you with it 4 months later as it is showcased in my foyer covered in magenta crushed velvet. I can then be all “Oh that old thing, I found it at a flea market up north, just threw some new fabric on it and ta-da!” Hopefully I’ll be able to make my slave labor sound as effortless as my Mom does.

For now, however, I’m going to start with a smaller project. We have an old hamper that is covered with red polka-dotted fabric (which matches nothing in our apartment). Tonight I’m determined to find a coordinating fabric and then tackle the project of recovering it! Baby steps, right? Watch for a before-and-after post in the near future.

I’m loving the items above—I think bright pops of color add a lot to any room. If you are interested in decorating with beautiful, bold colors you should check out this Makeover With Color from House Beautiful for some great ideas and inspiration.

The room inspiration above is comprised of the following items: Art ($199). Chair ($686). Cabinet ($899). Pillows ($40), Glass vases (left to right): here ($24), here ($64), here ($7.75), here ($39, set of two), here ($72), and here ($49.99).

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