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DIY: Easy French Manicure…

February 2, 2011

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of The Cherry Blossom Girl. Last week she did a blog about this manicure idea (pictured above), that I thought was adorable. This week I took the idea and did my nails in that style using a matte dusty green with a peach background. It was pretty rad. However, half way through the process I found myself wondering if TCBG’s genius idea of using paper hole stickers for her artsy paint job could work for a simple at-home French manicure. The answer is yes! Find the super easy steps below… (Josh really enjoyed being asked to take photos of this, by the way)…

The secret to this look is the paper hole stickers—they’re the things you use to fix pages that get torn from your three-ring-binder. I know you’ve seen then. You simply cut them in half to make the perfect manicure stencil.

Next, you paint your nails with a base color. I used Opal by Sally Hansen.

Once your base coat is dry, you position 1/2 of a sticker onto each nail so that the tip is exposed. Lining them up correctly takes a little practice, but it gets easier after a few attempts.

Next, use the color you would like the tips to be (I chose white in the style of a classic French manicure), simply paint the tips, using the sticker to define the edges.

You want to let the 2nd color of polish dry slightly so that it doesn’t smear, but not completely as the sticker may get dried to your nail and leave a mark. Gently peel the sticker away from each nail. And then ta-da, finished!

…Or, nearly finished..once your nails are entirely dry apply a thin top coat to help prevent chipping.

(**tip: if there is any sticky residue left on your nail when you remove the sticker, wait for the polish to dry completely and then try removing it with a small amount of baby oil. Then clean and dry the nail and apply top coat.)


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