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Bare Escentuals for Beginners…

February 3, 2011

Today I was asked, “If I want to get started with Bare Escentuals, what should I get?” Well someone knows how to completely distract me and also encourage me to procrastinate cleaning our apartment even longer. I can’t get asked a BE related question without taking the answer a little too far. I love the stuff, I’m an addict, I can’t help but be extremely thorough. Of course every addict might have a different opinion, but here’s my advice for getting the basics for under $135,  which includes everything pictured above…

1. Starter Kit ($60.00): The value cannot be beat. You’ll get two shades of foundation, warmth (bronzer), mineral veil (absorbs shine and sets the makeup), three brushes (whoa, all the ones you need for a flawless face), brush shampoo (learn how to clean your brushes here) and a DVD with tons of tips! Not sure of your shade? The best bet is to get color matched at your nearest boutique (it’s fast and free), if possible, but if not try the BE foundation shade finder.

2. Renew & Reveal Facial Cleanser ($18.00): One of my favorite products! It’s a powder cleanser that completely transforms the texture of your skin. It is currently on sale for $18 because they are redoing the packaging so I’d order two, because you’re going to love it. The powder gently exfoliates your skin—almost like it’s polishing it. Underneath all the dead skin is fabulous, fresh skin! You’ll <3 it.

3. Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer ($19.00): It really is essential. Use it before bed to hydrate and in the morning as a base for the makeup.

4. Tutorial: Intro To Eyes ($38.00):  The value of this kit cannot be stressed enough. You get eye primer (usually $18.00), Eye Liner ($15), Eye Shadow ($13), 1/2 size mascara ($18 for full size) AND a brush. Not to mention, the eyelid primer in this kit is twice the size of the $18.00 tube, so the value is huge. This gives you everything you need to learn the basics of BE Eyes (and the shadow color is gorgeous).

Of course you are still missing gloss, but there’s always next time! You should also delve into the world of radiances, liner shadows and the eyebrow kits eventually. But you have to start somewhere and the value of these 5 items together really gives you a great introduction to Bare Escentuals foundation, eyes and skincare for $135 (plus you get free gifts and shipping)!  You are going to be set for a solid 6 months (or longer), and will be a professional (addict) in no time.

Want more? Read about my favorite BE Products and see which products I trusted for our engagement photos.


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