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A Healthier Me {2, The Rules}…

February 14, 2011

Here it is, a list of the main rules I have followed for the past 7 weeks (for the last time, I’m reminding you that I’m not an expert, and that this is simply my experience and opinion on what I did to improve my health):

1. No booze: If you can completely quit, fabulous, but an occassional drink isn’t going to hurt. My alternative cocktail? 6 oz water (or more!), 1 shot citrus vodka with fresh lemon or lime juice.

2. Multi-vitamin: Find one and take it every morning. I am taking Centrum Women’s Multi-Vitamin.

3. 80 oz of water each day: I haven’t missed one day in the past 7 weeks. In fact, most days I consume closer to 100 oz. Why? Because water helps move food and other items through your system, it also helps to curb hunger and cravings, not to mention all the other benefits that being well-hydrated will give you (fresh breath being one of them). We got a Culligan dispenser in our apartment, best decision ever.

4. Fish oil! I got a huge jar of 1000 mg pills and I take one with each meal (or 3000 mg per day). It assists with weight loss and keeps you healthy while you reduce your weight (not to mention your hair, nails and skin are going to be looking fab).

There it is, the simple rules. The catch here is that these are the non-food related rules. The rules about food are an entirely new set, but ones that are very easy to follow and after a few days you won’t even think twice about what you’re doing. Stay tuned…

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  1. Amanda permalink
    February 15, 2011 13:59

    Be careful with the Centrum. Just had a chiropractor talk about a woman with a digestive system full of them. I guess they don’t disolve correctly. Make sure its soluable.

  2. February 15, 2011 14:10

    Thanks for this! Very interesting, so I did a little (quick) research. Most vitamins are dissolution tested (Centrum included) to ensure that they are soluable. Experts also say that taking an oil (like fish oils!) along with your multivitamin will help make sure they break down and are digested properly. I found one source that said you can test this by putting one of your multi-vitamins in water, if they start to dissolve within 30 minutes then you can rest assured that your stomach acid will do its job. :-)


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