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A Healthier Me {3, Evolution}…

February 15, 2011

I think we’ve all heard the excuse “I’m big boned”, or something else along those lines that allows people to blame their excess weight on some genetic disposition. Although we would all love to think that it’s some type of bad gene that makes us carry extra weight, have you ever considered that perhaps it is a really good gene that allows you to store that excess fat?

Prior to my “revamp”, I hadn’t ever really heard of this, and I’d like to think I’m not the only person out there. But did you know that human evolution plays a big part in our weight? I’m not blaming evolution, our diet is a huge part of our issue with National Obesity, but over the course of human history nature has selected those who were able to store extra fat to survive. In times of severely cold weather or famine, who survived? Those whose bodies were able to slow their metabolism, require fewer calories, and survive off their excess stores of fat. Therefore, it is thanks to natural selection and survival of the fittest that some of us may find ourselves with a few extra pounds on our thighs.

As a result of this natural evolution, many of us have been “fine tuned” to store more calories from the food we eat. Although this once meant survival, it now means tight jeans. So, what does this mean for weight loss? Well, first and foremost it reinforces the fact that you need to eat to lose weight, starving yourself won’t get you healthy, and thanks to our genes your body will just think you are enduring a severe famine and will cling to every calorie you consume.

This means eating more of the things you need instead of dangerous and unhealthy weight loss plans that involve starving yourself. Again, I’m not a nutritionist or an expert, but I am definitely a girl that has said “I’m only eating oranges for the next 3 days!” so that I could lose 5 pounds for spring break. Did I lose 5 pounds? Probably. But was it healthy? No. Did the 5 pounds come back? More than likely. The point here is that it is better to fuel your body with proper foods that help you burn calories, rather than starve yourself of food so it stores the calories you do consume.

I hope there are a few people out there that are saying “Duh, Dani, I already know this.” But unfortunately the obesity rate tells us that the majority of people don’t know this (or know it but don’t abide by it). So, is that enough of my babbling background information? Are you actually ready for some Food Rules? Next blog coming soon.

This blog is part of A Heathier Me, a series about my experience achieving a healthier lifestyle. Click the following links to read the first post, 16.5 Pounds, and the second post, The Rules.

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  1. Sara Nethercut permalink
    February 15, 2011 17:53

    I actually got *mad* at you after your first A Healthier Me blog… I wanted the rules!! I got some of them, and now I just caught myself getting frustrated again! :) I love reading your blog (daily). You’re a very entertaining and inspirational writer. Thanks for the daily dose of LAJ!

  2. February 15, 2011 22:09

    I love this series! My dad is a Chiropractor, so I’m used to hearing these kinds of “hippie” health ideas but it’s great to see you explain it so clearly.


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