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A Healthier Me {4, Food Rules}…

February 15, 2011

I tried keeping this as short as possible, but it was hard! I’m a visual learner, so I hope this helps.  This is what I eat each day, keep in mind that I am currently reducing my weight, but once you reach your goal weight, you can alter this to suit your needs. This could also differ from person to person and certainly from men to women, but this is what is working for me. As I said in the previous post, this is about getting the proper amounts of the foods your body needs. I am a huge fan of keeping a food journal, but downloading this image, printing it and checking the foods off would also be a great way to keep track!

Your day should look like this: Two Fruits, Two Vegetables, Two Proteins, One Carb, two snacks and of course your 80 oz of h20! With all of these it is important to keep portion size and nutrition value in mind. For example, a good serving of strawberries would be 12 small ones, a good serving of grapes is 20, 2 eggs equal one serving of protein and 4-6 oz is a proper serving for most meats. However, you should try to keep your carb serving to 100 calories or less per day, which could mean 1 slice of bread or less depending on the brand (I’m a big fan of Arnold’s Sandwhich Thins).

Food Rules:

1. Use only fresh herbs such as cilantro or parsley to season your food, or pick up some Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings (I bought them all and love them, especially the Tomato-Basil). Sriracha sauce is also a healthy seasoning and condiment. Switch to Morton’s Lite Salt and use it sparingly. Keep tabs on how much sodium is in your food.

2. Bake or broil all of your meat (I cook pretty much everything in the oven at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes per side using a cooking sheet, wire rack, and tin foil). Keep things as lean as possible. No deli meat.

3. Eat your veggies raw or lightly steamed. Raw green veggies are great for burning calories.

4. Try to eat something every 3 hours, this way your body is getting calories in small doses throughout the day.

5. Snacks. These are tricky because you want to have them, but you want to make sure they are healthy and contain protein. Try getting some protein bars that are under 170 calories, have at least 10-15 grams of protein and less than 4.5 grams of fat. I have several other suggestions for snacks but it gets a bit wordy. Another blog on snack suggestions is coming soon!

6. Get creative. Greek Yogurt has been my best friend the past 7 weeks. A serving of Greek Yogurt is 6 oz, so I split that up throughout the day, having a few ounces in the morning with strawberries, a few with dinner, and a few in my smoothie. You can also use it to make great dipping sauces, such as this ‘cheese sauce‘ I’ve been eating on vegetables. Other ideas and recipe suggestions are coming your way.

7. Last but not least, switch to light butter and fat-free or light salad dressings. Limit yourself to 1 tablespoon of light butter per day and 2 tablespoons of (healthier) salad dressing. My favorite Fat-Free dressing is Dorthy Lynch.

Hopefully you aren’t overwhelmed and I really hope the image helped! Feel free to post questions or point out things that need clarification.

This blog is part of A Heathier Me, a series about my experience achieving a healthier lifestyle. Click the following links to read the first post, 16.5 Pounds, the second post, The Rules, or the third post, Evolution.

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  1. Mikayla Finley permalink
    March 2, 2011 18:00

    Hey there Lady!

    You look GREAT!! :) I have been reading (as much as time allows me) your blog quite often-specific to your getting healthy blog. Currently, I am doing a “Biggest Loser” competition at work in coordination with a “pound for pound” challenge. For every pound that I lose, a pound of food goes to the food shelf in Rochester, which in turn, is trickled down to Houston County and other surrounding counties as well! Pretty cool huh? Just a few questions for you…

    1. In terms of your visual display of food rules, what is the protein picture that is next to the eggs? It appears to be cottage cheese or is it the Greek Yogurt you have spoken so highly of?

    2. I like your ideal “cleansing sample menu” but what and/or how have you switched up your menus? One of my downfalls is getting on such a routine with what I eat, that I get bored. Boredom sometimes leads to frustration for me, which in turn leads to gaining weight back….grrrr! :)

    3. LOve, LOve, the malt/shake ideas along with the other snacks provided-recipe ideas was going to be my other question! Thank you! :)

    4. What protein bars have you been eating? I love protein bars and see that 1 a day is more than sufficient. With this stated, I have been kind of picky about the taste of them-as I don’t like eating cardboard! Thoughts?

    Your favorite blogger fan,
    Mikayla :)

  2. March 2, 2011 18:15

    Fab questions, lady pal. That sounds like a lot of fun. I’m competitive and I love challenges so I would be all over something like that…plus it has a good cause! Fabulous. Hope it is going well for you!
    1. Yes, that picture is of cottage cheese. I’m sure you get this, but just to clarify: This image is just to illustrate how much you should eat from each “group” per day (Two Fruits, Two Vegetables, Two Proteins, One Carb, two snacks and 80 oz of h20). But my favorite protein options are eggs (usually hard boiled), low-fat cottage cheese (which is lower in sodium than fat free so a better option), greek yogurt, chicken, shrimp, and ground turkey.

    2. I don’t think I’ve eaten the same thing a single day during my diet. But the key is to be creative and experiment with things. Greek yogurt is great for using in different ways. I mix it with mustard for a healthy sandwich spread, add in sriracha sauce to make it spicy etc. I also try to mix up dinner by alternating between stir fry, wraps, sandwiches, etc. It keeps it interesting.

    3. I’ll try to post recipe suggestions more often, for dinner and for snacks. Knowing people are reading it will motivate me to post them :-)

    4. Thanks for reminding me about the protein bars, I meant to post a link but forgot (so I just added it into the 7th blog). My favorite bars are called Proti bars and you can order them online. They are low in fat and calories, but very high in protein. Love the Caramel Nut and Chocolate Decadence. I think they are amazing, especially if put in the microwave for 15 seconds!

    Thanks for reading, and commenting! Loved hearing your input.


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