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A Healthier Me {5, Prepare}…

February 18, 2011

If you don’t have a digital scale, now is when you ditch your old one and buy a digital scale that is more exact and weighs you down to the ounce. Set it up, weigh yourself, write it down and then hide the scale from yourself for the next two weeks.

Before you get started with following The Food Rules, ask yourself if you are prepared to abide by all of them. If the answer is no, consider entering the change slowly (such as following the rules every other day, or something along those lines). I knew that suddenly avoiding all the foods I loved and craved would be hard, so I chose to do a prep phase, or cleanse. The idea here is that it kind of cleanses your palette and helps ease your cravings for foods you regularly eat. For three days I did the following:

  • AM: Multi-Vitamin, 1000 mg Fish Oil, Two Eggs.
  • Mid AM: One Citrus Fruit.
  • Lunch: Unlimited lean protein, unlimited raw green vegetables (Such as a big salad with a chicken breast or shrimp). 1000 mg Fish Oil.
  • Mid PM: One Citrus Fruit.
  • Dinner: Unlimited lean protein, unlimited raw green vegetables (Such as a small steak and raw green peppers or snap peas). 1000 mg Fish Oil.

Make sure you get 80 oz of water per day (or more) and the other rules still apply as well—-use only fat-free or light salad dressing (up to 2 tbsp), don’t consume more than 1 tbsp of lite butter per day, only season your food with fresh herbs, Morton’s Lite Salt or Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings, and avoid alcohol. After three days of this cycle begin following the food rules as closely as possible. Do it for two weeks and then weigh yourself! Your results might not be incredible, but I’m willing to bet that you feel amazing! Healthy weight loss is around 2 pounds per week, so if you’ve lost 4 pounds you are doing well! Some people may lose as much as 10 pounds! Remember that this isn’t about dropping the weight as fast as possible, it’s about changing your eating habits and your overall health.

I think you have nearly everything you need to get started, next week I will post a short blog about healthy snacks that fit into the plan, eating at restaurants, and what to do if you break a rule! This blog is part of A Heathier Me, a series about my experience achieving a healthier lifestyle. Click the following links to read the first post, 16.5 Pounds, the second post, The Rules, the third post, Evolution, or the fourth post Food Rules.


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