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LAJ Travels…

February 22, 2011

I have a lot of stuff. I’m indecisive about outfits and I rarely wear just one eyeshadow. Combine these and traveling with me can be a bit of an…experience. It may have taken me 25 years, but I have gotten pretty good at packing for a weekend away. During our recent trip to Chicago these were a  few items in my makeup bag case.

1. Dry Shampoo and Bobby Pins. Everyone enjoys sleeping in a bit on vacay, and if you decide that sleep is more important than showering these two things can save you from a days worth of proof (aka all those touristy photos of you with greasy hair). Dry shampoo takes only a few minutes, and bobby pins can help manage your unruly vacation hair.

2. Blush. Throw it on. Head out the door. It’s vacation! My current favorite is Cheerful by Bare Escentuals.

3. I always spend the week prior to vacation fretting over my skin routine (no one wants to spend vacation with a breakout), yet somehow vacation seems like the perfect time to relax and forget to wash my face before bed. Rare Minerals Night-Time Treatment can be quickly patted onto skin in a matter of seconds. Don’t forget your skincare regimen during vacation, just simplify it.

4.  Rare Minerals Facial Mist. I love this stuff all the time, but it is especially awesome during travel when airplane air and changing climates can dry out your skin. (In the summer I keep this stuff in the fridge for a cool and refreshing burst of moisture).

5. Travel brush! Toss this in your day bag and you’re set. I keep mine full of mineral veil to help absorb oil when all that sight seeing leaves you with a bit of shine.

6. SPF Lip Balm. Important every day, but especially on vacation. I couldn’t live one day without my First Base Balm from Bare Escentuals.

7.  Bold lip duo. Bright, bold lips are very in right now, but they are great on vacation because you don’t need to spend time on your eyes. Simply throw on those lips and head out the door! Last weekend I took Cherries on Top and Birthday Cake gloss.

8. More lip stuff? Yes. Buxom, I don’t leave home without at least one color.

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