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Red Carpet Time…

February 27, 2011


I spent my afternoon prepping for the red carpet by picking up a few flavors of frozen yogurt and then nerding out on my computer creating a custom Oscar Predictions Ballot Form. How unglamorous is that?

Regardless of the level of nerdery involved in this task, we customized a points system based on which movies we had seen and our overall interest in the category. We have seen 8 out of the 10 movies nominated for “Best Picture”, missing out only on ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘The King’s Speech’. So I guess we figured that category was worth 20 points. Other categories, such as Best Foreign Film (of which we have seen zero) are worth 1 point (I have also seen zero of the movies nominated for best makeup, otherwise I might have jacked that one up to 10 points to annoy Josh).

We haven’t determined what the prize will be yet, but I’m putting all my money on ‘The Social Network’ (worth 20 points) for ‘Best Picture’, and I hope it pulls through for me! I feel like it could really make or break a score since we are going to determine the winner by highest out of a possible 90 points.

So what are your Oscar rituals? Have any big bets on the winners? Feel free to entertain yourself with my Twitter Feed while I scrutinize the red carpet.

(original ballot form can be found here.)

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