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What’s *new* with Rare?

February 28, 2011

Die-hard Bare Escentuals fans have likely been averting their eyes from the brand’s latest launch of their new skincare line, since not much is actually new.

For those of us who are religious users of the line, not much has changed and our old favorites aren’t going away. Inside sources say that all the old favorites are staying (pretty much) the same and not being discontinued (cue the collective sigh of relief). The only ingredient changes seem to be a bit more Active Soil Complex (but who can complain about that?) and some may notice a slight change in the fragrance.

Of course it’s hard for anyone (die-hard or not) to miss the completely redesigned packaging (and slight tweaking of the product names), which I’m still on the fence about. The new pink and brown packaging is definitely pretty but also definitely less gender neutral. Is this perhaps in preparation for a male-oriented line? Who knows. The biggest packaging change is in the Nighttime Treatment, which use to come with a poof top applicator, and now comes with a Heavenly Brush attached to the inner lid. Also not sure how I feel about that, my initial reactions have been that it seems a bit messy.

So, besides the slight formula tweaks and packaging changes is anything actually new? Well, let’s clarify. The BE Boutiques and website previously did not carry the Purely Nourishing Cream or Purifying Facial Cleanser. So although these two items are indeed new to the boutiques and website, it seems they have been available through QVC for months, meaning that any die-hard has been using the product for months (if not years).  The exclusive availability through QVC is no surprise, as QVC, Sephora and Ulta get VIP Treatment from Bare Escentuals, often getting products long before the company’s own boutiques or website (a partnership I still don’t 100% understand).

But wait, I’m sort of lying to you. There is one product that is genuinely, completely, 100% brand new to this remarkable line and that is the Deep Cleansing Foam.  A few weeks ago I was given a  little sample, and I fell in love. So last weekend I rushed into the boutique and purchased an entire tube.

I was amazed with how thick and luxurious the foam felt, not to mention it quickly removed all makeup, even mascara. The best part is that you barely need more than a pea-size amount for your entire face, and with a price point of only $20.00 this stuff is a great addition to your skincare routine. Because my skin is sensitive and a tad on the dry side, I stick to the traditional powder cleanser, but use this Deep Cleansing Foam every 2-3 days.

So, that’s the run down. If you’ve never tried RareMinerals, then run out and give the new line a try. I had previously mentioned that I was ecstatic that the boutiques were getting the neck cream, but it seems that it will remain exclusive to QVC for a while yet.  Have more info on changes or improvements to the line? Wanna tell us which Rare product is your favorite and why? Please comment, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    March 1, 2011 11:30

    Boutiques won’t be getting the neck cream for a while. It is exclusive to QVC until 10/14/2012.

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