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Writing has always been a passion of mine, although I never considered myself to be particularly good at it. Growing up I kept journals everywhere (no, really, I have a shelf full of journals dating back to the early nineties), and have continued it into adulthood (pictured above is the 5-year journal I write in nightly with my husband-to-be). Fortunately, the internet has provided a more efficient outlet for my daily musings, and knowing that people are actually reading what I write makes me consider that perhaps I am saying something worth reading. Hopefully that’s true.

Aside from a typical full time job, I blog for Minneapolis-St.Paul Magazine, enjoy Do-It-Yourself Projects, am an avid user of Bare Escentuals, read as much as possible, am commonly caught dancing around our apartment for seemingly no reason at all and am fortunate to live a particularly charmed life.

In addition to L.A.J. you can entertain yourself with my Minneapolis-St.Paul Magazine blog, Facebook Fan Page, or by following me on Twitter at WhatTheStork.

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