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The Beginning.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon my soul-mate in college. Unfortunately, however, I let him get away (kind of). Thankfully life found a way to bring us back together, and after two years of friendship we finally admitted that we kind of liked each other. Below is the story of how we first met back in college…

How We Met

This is a love story about hair. And not mine, but my fiancé’s. Let me take you back, way back to 2006. I’m sitting in Tbocks Bar and Grill for dinner (yes, it was dinner time, so I say this trumps the “we met in a bar” cliche’), when suddenly I see this guy do a hair flip, and I said to myself “That guy has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen!” (Actually, knowing me, I probably said it outloud, and with little volume control). After scanning his perimeters I see that he is conveniently sitting with someone I know, Coz.

I immediately text Coz: “Guy in green shirt. Name. Now.”

Coz responds: “Josh. Has a girlfriend.”

I respond: “So?”

Coz: “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

I respond: “So?”  Hair that good could not be passed up.

But, before I make myself sound like a cheat or a home-wrecker, it wasn’t until several months later that we actually met. I attended a Christmas Party with Coz (strategic move? possibly), and of course I had to introduce myself to the guy with the hair (although he’d cut it all off I was delighted that he was cute either way!).

The rest is pretty much history, or at least I wish it was summed up that easily. That night Josh walked me to the bar, although he refused to dance with me because he was still in a relationship (morals of steel, I tell ya), and we pretty much talked every day for the next two years. We developed a beautiful friendship that survived a year of long-distance and eventually blossomed into what I would call an incredible love. We’ve been together, in love and happy as peaches for over a year—-and his hair, well, its office appropriate but still fun to look at.

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